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Radiance:  A three-person Art Exhibit in Conjunction with The Color of Light, a play by Jesse Kornbluth
January 11 - February 3, 2018
Pre-performance interview of Pia Stern about her work by theater critic Pat Launer February 14.
Radiance art exhibit
Radiance art exhibit

House Beautiful photoFrench 1920s cane-back chairs are paired with Ethan chairs from Aidan Gray Home in the dining room. Walls have a subtle sheen from the silver metallic grass cloth by Phillip Jeffries. Klemm chandelier by Oly. Painting by Pia Stern.  [Continue reading]

"Pia Stern has an unusual power of transforming her "dreams" into our own. They remain hers: she does not share them. But we are not asked to riddle out Stern's private meanings."  [Continue reading]

PIA STERN makes art and in doing so she explores the mysteries of existence, not by painting images as though channeled from a universal source, but rather by approaching a canvas or paper, languishing in the multiple layers of rich color she brushes into existence, until a flicker of an idea in the space she has created allows her to mine the ideas that are at once universal and personal.
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